Chairman Message

Lim Chantha

Dear friends and stakeholders of iCare Leasing.

The year 2022 saw the continuation of iCare Leasing’s operation in a very challenging environment due to the troubles caused by the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cambodia and in the wider Mekong region. Even is this climate, iCare Leasing weathered the storm and managed to not only continue its operation but also reach new levels of growth.


We expect 2023 to see a return to some kind of normalcy for Cambodia and the opportunity for iCare Leasing to start reaching to more and more customers as we grow our local operation. Our aim has, and continues to be, to serve women factory workers so that they can better their quality of living. We continue to strive towards this goal.


iCare Leasing has big plans for the upcoming year and we are looking forward to work in more depth with our customers, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders.