Branch Operation Network of iCare Leasing Plc.

iCare Leasing Plc. has been providing customer service for more than 2 years, which has received a valid license from the National Bank of Cambodia in 2021 to provide installment payment services to customers in all provinces, cities and capitals. During more 2 years, the company has fighting through obstacles with the COVID 19 epidemic, which has made the company stronger and more commitment to assisting its staff and providing better service to customer wherever the company can expand to new branches in the Takeo province. By  opening of this new branch, it could support the customers to find the installment team nearby and study more deeply with the company how well the team has a good operating system to respond to the current market.

We believe that we will make a big contribution to our customers and value the service as needed to all level of customers.

iCare Leasing Plc. has two branches:

1. Head Office (Phnom Penh)

2.  Takeo Branch Office (Ang Ta Som)